Riddles of the Mind Part 3 - Physical Connection

Physical body diagram

The Psychical Self… Our Vehicle For Life

Your physical body is like a storehouse for all your feelings, emotions, thoughts, experiences, and past reactions (internally and externally). It also functions as a type of elimination system. When your body functions at an optimal level it should eliminate the bad things and keep the good. However it does not always necessarily work this way. Knowing this, I believe that many emotional/mental factors also leave a significant impact on the physical system too. Let me explain...

The Mind-Body Connection

Physically you are like a receptor that receives immense amounts of information through what you see, feel, hear, taste, smell and through your skin... the list goes on. All of this information has quite a significant impact not only on your mental/emotional self, but also your physical self. The effects of this can be seen in many different ways. For example you may notice that when you are searching for a answer that you may take deep breaths in all the time. It is almost like you are trying to ingest an external form of consciousness or information to bring the answers closer within. Yawning on the other hand is the opposite. Doing this it is almost like you are trying to expel unwanted information or energy. These two simple traits symbolise how we often physically react to what is going on mentally/emotionally through a physical expression; usually autonomously without even thinking about it.

Such types of physical responses are more pronounced with the higher extremities of emotional states that you experience. Just like the food you eat goes through a series of different digestive processes before eliminating the leftovers, so too do all the things you experience on an emotional/mental level as well. However, just like food once again, what is kept in the body and not eliminated is not always what is best for you. Think of all the excess fat, sugar and salt that is not eliminated by the digestive system when you eat too much bad food. This has no positive purpose and would be best eliminated. Alas this is not always the case. I believe the same thing happens when we hold to negative emotions or experiences. My opinion is that these are actually stored in different parts of the body producing a negative effect.

Cellular Memories

Studies have shown that certain emotions affect different parts of the physical body. One term used to describe this phenomena is called shock conflict. Each of the trillions of cells in your body stores memories. These act much like a massive community with each cell working with the others to keep everything running smoothly. However when you run on fear (fight mode), hold things in, take things too personally, feel guilty, highly stressed, or have other persistent negative emotions, this affects the balance of these cellular communities through the memories they hold. These extreme emotions and feelings produce a dis-harmonic effect which can in turn can cause health problems or even illness.

Elimination Systems

Our physical elimination systems not only eliminate biological impurities but emotional ones as well. One example of this is when you have periods of high stress, anxiety and feel run-down, that you may often get a flu at the same time. I believe this is just the body's way of reacting to these extreme emotional conditions and activating one of the elimination systems. Having the flu is the body's way of dispelling all the negative energy from within and eliminating it out through the different physical functions. This I believe this goes much further than simply being a physical process as it forces you to take a break, rest up and get all your emotional and physical systems back in order. It is the body's way of telling you to take it easy or to resolve any emotional disturbances. Some other examples of the elimination systems at work include when you have to get something off your chest you will usually voice or physically express what is bothering you. Or perhaps when you feel sad or extremely happy you may cry. Often when you want to clear your head you may partake in exercise or some physical activity. Doing all these things actually clears your energy to feel good once again and not be weighted down. These are all valuable ways of helping restoring balance to your mind-body connection and releasing those negative emotions.

The Importance of Water

Another interesting physical phenomena that affects our emotional wellbeing is water. When you have a shower you feel fresh and clean as you remove the dirt from your body. At the same time you are cleansing your self of any negative emotional energy. Water it can be said has a huge role to play in this process. As humans we are made up of 80% water which acts as a conductor for our neurological pathways and also our energy systems. It is therefore obvious that something like water which forms the physical backbone for human life has such a huge role everything that we do. Knowing this it is a good idea if you feel in a state of emotional unrest to have a shower or go somewhere near water. This is why many people associate beaches, rivers and bother bodies of water with calmness. Water has the effect of calming the mind and the physical body soon follows.

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