Self Belief - Is Society Putting Us Down on Purpose?

Girl with low self esteem

Societal Factors for Low Self Belief issues

In making my new MP3 - Hypnosis for Self Belief - I was thinking about why there are so many people now more than ever that simply don't believe in themselves or their abilities. It led me to think about it - I mean there are individual circumstances that do lead to people thinking this way, but is there actually something on a larger scale happening in the society we live in that causes it? I think that there is.

We just need to take a look around our 'modern society' and things like the media, corporations, government, schools etc. that play such a massive role. Many of the messages that they send out, and the systems they have in place, I feel, lead to this widespread issue of low self-belief in people. Here are some examples.


We all know that our childhood plays such a massive part in shaping our life. So when we go to school and there is this system where we either pass or fail a certain subject, we are automatically getting classified as 'dumb' or 'smart'. I believe that the only reason people fail something is because they either did not have enough time to do it their way, or they were simply not interested in the subject to begin with. To be given a 'fail mark' automatically starts building notions of 'I am not good enough' or 'I can't do this'. This sets the ball rolling for later in life. Plus the education system tries to categorize students into different levels and ultimately different career paths, by segregating students into 'groups'. If you are not lucky enough to go to an expensive private school or get into the 'top class' this will also have significant impacts on your level of self-belief at a young age because of limited opportunities.


The role models and stars of today's media are not like what they used to be. TV and cinema is crowded with unrealistically beautiful people who have these fabulous lives without actually really having any skills or doing anything. Seeing this on a daily basis we start to build up our own belief systems of where our own life is at in comparison. Needless to say everyone can't be a Kardashian or a Hilton, nor can we all lead glamorous lifestyles or look air-brushed perfect, so feelings of inadequacy are developed - usually on a subconscious basis. Plus there are the advertisements in every single spare space possible that show perfect lives, perfect houses, perfect partners, perfect everything - just to sell product. This just isn't reality, but when forced to view this advertising day in day out everywhere we look or hear, the subconscious starts comparing our own image and life with these. All of this really leads to low self-belief because not everyone can be rich, famous, and beautiful like 'they' would have us think.


I don't want to say too much here, but just because we vote and can write to our senator or local MP, doesn't mean we really have anything to do with how the world is run. And to be in a position in government where you can change things - well that is usually left to what family you are part of or how rich/famous/well connected you are. This feeling of hopelessness more then ever now, builds up strong negative belief systems about our own ability to control the world in which we live. If we feel we are powerless, then our own self-belief system is going to be affected.


In modern society we define ourselves by our job. Not everyone can have the high paying job or lifestyle that the media so often portrays as 'normal'. This affects our self belief because we feel like we are not good enough to be like all the rich people we see day in day out on TV, radio etc. We must have done something wrong, or we musn't be good enough like everyone else? Then you have the added pressure as everyone keeps working harder and harder to get that raise or promotion, that the employers are setting unrealistic goals and expectations of their employees, because more and more people are willing to go that extra mile now. Too bad if you have a family to look after and don't want to put in the 80 hours a week to get the raise. This is another example of the perception of 'failing' as we find it harder and harder to meet the goals and expectations that are ultimately handed down from the top level of corporation and filtered all the way down to the bottom.

Does 'Society' Want the '99%' of us to Have Low Self Belief?

When people don't believe in themselves, it is quite obvious they will never reach their full potential. Is society, and the people that engineer the fabric of it in general, set up in a way that we have all the above factors contributing to this widespread lack of self-belief? What happens if we all believed in ourselves so much that we all realized what we are truly capable of? What would happen if we ALL believed in ourselves enough to think that our voice really made a difference? What if we believed in ourselves enough to think "you know what I CAN make a difference to how this government is run", or "I CAN take that risk and develop my idea or business to be successful" instead of working the same mundane job day in day out. What would be the consequences if this happened?

Would the people in society that controlled everything I have mentioned like this? Could it threaten their own agenda for power, control and dominance. I think so. I am not saying this is the 'be all end all' of their influence, I am just saying it might be just another part of the system in place that seems to keep us all in a herd following along to greener pastures.

The Alternative

With all of this, even if you don't want to control the world or have corporate domination (LOL most people don't) you can still be aware of what is happening and shield your own mind against these subtle influences. In a system that seems to breed low self belief, it has the affect of impacting our entire lives even down to the most basic of factors like having a good relationship, being comfortable with who you are, enjoying what it is that you like to do. Once you can lift your own sense of self belief, you will be able to take control over your own life and put it in the direction that you choose. Without believing in yourself, you will never truly set the goals that you wish and enjoyu achieving those goals because you will always aim too low, which is in direct correlation with your self belief system. My advice - try my new Self Belief Hypnosis MP3 - this is the exact reason why I made it in the first place.

- Giovanni

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