About Australian Hypnotherapist Giovanni Lordi

Giovanni is an Australian hypnotherapist and author. He has practiced hypnosis since 2003, helping many people both personally & through his extensive range of recorded programs.

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My Interview on Coast to Coast AM With George Noory September 2012

I was privileged to be a guest on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. I have been a long time listener of this program, particularly when George Noory is on.

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The ToolBox 4 Life (Book/EBook)

Giovanni's first book covers many practical techniques & insights to help live a better life. Comes with free hypnosis CD/MP3!

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Weight Loss Made Easy (5 Part Value Program)

5 highly effective specialist weight loss hypnosis MP3s. They are designed to be used in conjunction to completely empower your mind & body on every level towards reaching your optimal weight & staying there...

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Hypnosis for Superconsciousness

A personal favourite of mine - helps activate the super conscious & remove all limits. A full process to challenge how you think to open new doors of possibility.

Giovanni Lordi - Australian Hypnotist & Hypnosis MP3/CD Author

Photo spread of GiovanniGiovanni is an internationally known hypnotherapist & author based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2003 Giovanni's passion has been to push the boundaries of what hypnosis is capable of achieving. Specialising in all types of conditions, issues, and development areas, Giovanni has helped many people through his personal sessions as well as an extensive range of recorded programs. He is the author of the ToolBox 4 Life (currently in its 4th round of printing), over 100 'use-at-home' hypnosis MP3s/CDs, and the very popular 'Hypnosis Mega App' on iTunes & Android.

Giovanni has dedicated his career to sharing the immense benefits hypnotherapy can bring to a wider audience. His reach has extended from appearances on international radio shows including Coast to Coast AM, helping listeners on many large teleseminar series, and also founding Australia's largest self-help CD distribution company Resonanz Recordings.

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