Giovanni Lordi - Australian Hypnotherapist & Author

Photo spread of GiovanniGiovanni is one of Australia's top selling and most respected hypnotherapists. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Giovanni has spent his life doing amazing things. Since 2003 he has dedicated his life to helping others. As a hypnotherapist he has helped people overcome all types of issues & developmental areas both personally and through his very popular range of self-hypnosis CDs and downloads. It is the way in which Giovanni draws upon his life experiences, knowledge and especially common sense, that has seen him rise to the top of his field.

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Latest Success Stories

  • Nikki

    Hypnosis for Manifesting Abundance

    Hello Giovanni!

    Firstly, thank you! Whilst listening to one of your CD's I experienced a life changing 'Ah-hah!' moment, where ideas flowed effortlessly and everything pieced together perfectly! It eventually led me to where I am now, about to launch my website, business...

    Manifesting cd cover
  • Crystal

    'Living the Dream' Power Hypnosis

    Played the Living the dream fantastic. A visualized myself killing off my overgrown candida ha ha.
    I am reading up on it at present and taking notes then will see a naturapath.
    Amazing powerful wording there. I feel totally less anxious ( excited) at the the process.
    All the...

    CD cover
  • Sarah Shore

    Hypnosis for Writing

    I absolutely love this hypnosis session and even after the first time of listening, I de-cluttered my office, and realise what my blocks to writing have been. I feel these blocks are dissolving each time I listen. Thank you. I highly recommend this audio. I, too, have listened to other writing...

    Writing cd cover

    Hypnosis for Self Esteem

    I have used a few programs done by Giovanni. I must say that this one has liberated me from so old stuff that I could not get rid of with other modalities. I am very familiar with reiki, shamanic practices, pranic meditations, etc, and all of these have helped me tremendously, but somehow, this...

    Self esteem cd cover
  • Michelle

    Hypnosis for Superconsciousness

    I've been listening every day - at least once - to both tracks. My life is beginning to unfold in ways more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Truly incredible, magical, and powerful people are coming into my life - and becoming my best friends in a matter of hours after I meet them...

    Superconsciousness cd cover
  • Michelle

    Hypnosis for ESP

    Hello, Amazing stranger I wanted to thank you so much for creating hypnosis for super consciousness & ESP. I have been listening to both of them every day & I cannot express how grateful I am to you.

    I have some access to my sixth sense now, and I always have had visions and...

    ESP cd cover