The Difference Between Truth, Faith & Knowing

Truth sign in sunset

What really is truth?

I believe truth is based on our opinions and experiences which we believe to be true inside. We believe things with our mind, so beliefs are ideas & concepts which give us a picture of reality so we can agree or disagree. It is from there that we put the thoughts into words and we communicate them to others. Essentially words are not true unless we perceive them to be true inside ourselves within our own minds. Otherwise words are just a way of communicating something which we do not believe to be true inside. Sometimes we share these words with others, sometimes just to see if what we believe to be true is the same as they do, and to help form the basis on which we accept the truth.

When we experience something, is our perception of what actually happened based on the emotions we feel about the situation we experienced or is it the truth of what really happened? So how do liars sometimes believe their own lies, or do they really? Often liars end up actually believing in what they say on some level within, so they don't get caught out with their lies. This is why a liar has to have a great memory, whereas an honest person sometimes forgets a lot.

What is faith?

I believe it is a way of believing in the unknown. (God/religion/purpose) In doing this our mind faces a choice between trust and doubt. By choosing faith you are aligning your mind and your heart. Faith is a way of perceiving in our conscious reality that something will definitely happen, and it is a way of letting things go and moving into trust... where no proof is required. It is alignment within and also helps remove fears.

What is Knowing?

Knowing is based on calculations of our experiences, forming answers that we perceive to be true. This 'knowing' normally comes about after we have trust and faith. Some people call knowing a 'gut feeling', some say they 'feel it in there bones', others say they 'just know', and others may have a 'flash up' in the third eye region, which is intuition. I believe knowing is when all parts of our conscious & unconscious self come into alignment on a particular subject, and knowing that all parts are working toward looking after our own personal interests. This comes through from the deepest part of our 'being' which cannot be proved or disproved. Sometimes you just go with something even though at times it may not make no sense, but it seems to always come right. This only happens when you listen and build the trust and faith with in yourself.

These concepts formed the inspiration for the hypnosis recording I did called Truth, Faith & Knowing - and this is basically just to help you work all this out for yourself on a much deeper level. Enjoy…


When you can no longer distinguish faith from truth, you are literally brain damaged by religion.

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