Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Giovanni Lordi's Programs


The ToolBox 4 Life (Book/EBook)


"Toolbox 4 life could not have come at a better time in my life, right when I needed it the most. It has helped me as much as if I had gone out and got a therapist. 2012 started on a bad note for me, a beloved pet was tragically killed and in the space of 2 months I incurred 3 fines adding up to over $600. My employment was halved and I embarked on a career change by going back to school. I was starting to feel down and overwhelmed. I thank Giovanni for his intelligence, insight and calming techniques in getting through this dark period. I can honestly say the book made me see the light and the bigger picture. I did not need the services of a therapist in the end and am feeling optimistic and excited about life and the future. I have now passed the book onto my sister who is finding it as helpful and therapeutic as I did. Words can hardly describe the way this book has helped me and I am grateful that this book made it’s way to me. I look forward to the next book Giovanni writes."

Adriana Ortisi

The ToolBox 4 Life (Book/EBook)


Reading The Toolbox 4 Life really helped me gain knowlege and understanding on how to tackle chalenegs, look at situations differently, and understand why things may happen the way they do, with an educated and open mind. I beleive everyone should have a read of this book, to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Weight Loss Made Easy (5 Part Value Program)


I hope you all have someone to love like I do for the past 26 years, but if not give this a try. This stuff really works. I've used some other CDs for helping me relax, weight loss. These CDs helped me dump 50 lbs of lard. Yee! Haw!


Hypnosis for Inner Peace


One of the most beautiful hypnosis albums I have ever heard. I felt completely soothed and relaxed afterwards. Definitely recommend :)

Jacqui Dornan

The ToolBox 4 Life (Book/EBook)


An amazingly insightful and thought provoking read. I am a therapist myself and after reading this book I decided to include it for every one of my clients as part of my program to help them. It enables and empowers the reader to review their life, no matter what stage of life they are at and make the decision to enhance their life utilising the tools that are included in the book to have the life that they truly desire and deserve. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the tool box 4 life by Giovanni. A very useful tool for clients to read to enhance their lives and unlock the key to their continued success.

Laura Nobel

The ToolBox 4 Life (Book/EBook)


The book is helping me so much.... I read the first fifty pages last week n the strangest thing happened to me. Back in 7th grade I was Beverly depressed I had no friends n this girl became friends with me n everyone became friends with me. Needless to say I had a dream about her I was helping her getting ready in her wedding dress and she gave me purple eatings....I looked her in the eyes n the cried hysterically it felt so real as if I was awake. When I woke up I felt like a new person I felt like all my emotions that I have built up for so long were relieved and from that night toward I can cry now..... thanks ur book is helping n my mom bought it for her kindle too.

Steve Canale

Hypnosis for Tinnitus


I bought the tinntus mp3, before I started listening to it the ringing and noises in my ears stressed me that much that I had to drink my self to sleep, causing weight gain , lack of sleep, and always stressed out,I want to Really thank you Giovanni, Wow I have listen to the mp3 twice now, I am not focusing on the noise it has reduced and I feel I am in control now, I can switch it off, I am sleep better, the positive feelings I have now it like a switch from stress to calm.Thanks Again , you have given me my power back


Hypnosis for Health & Healing


The CDs are really good. I used the turn back time CD and I sleep so much better, wake up and have so much more energy and am so focused that it is scary. Also I haven't had a problem with my arthritis now too. And a couple of people I the last few weeks telling me I look younger. Usually people say you look like in your in my mind mid 40's but now they said I look like around 35. It's a bloody miracle.

Mr & Mrs S (Hertfordshire)

Pet Calm Music


Having had a dog that has been terrified of loud noises and bangs all her life, we always dread fireworks night. When the fireworks begin our dog, Jess, goes absolutely crazy and tries to climb inside the kitchen cupboards to hide (usually throwing everything out first!). This year we tried playing the pet calm CD a few minutes before we knew the local fireworks display was scheduled to begin. Jess settled down at our feet until the fireworks began, at which point she got up, walked around a bit but then came back and laid down and went to sleep at our feet! Quite amazing. We are now no longer concerned about fireworks night. Highly recommended if you have a nervous dog.


Hypnosis for Mens Sexual Performance


I've listened to the premature ejaculation CD for a week and half now and it is has definitely improved my performance. I used to last about 2 minutes now it is more like 10 minutes. I was a little perturbed about the long distance horse at first but it really seems to work