Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Giovanni Lordi's Programs


Hypnosis for Learning a Foreign Language


Hi. Just wanted to tell you. That I have been listening to my current choice of your self hypnosis treatment programmes. They have been of tremendous help and I have recommended them to my friends...


Positivity Affirmation & Subliminal Program


Another amazing series! You can even listen to this during the day! Love it!


Hypnosis for a Super You


This is my second review on this website. I finally decided to try the hypnosis CD's by Mr Lordi after hours of comparisons with other hypnosis mp3 downloads websites. What I realized was...

Mandi (From Amazon)

Hypnosis For Female Sexual Satisfaction


This is the first review that I've ever written for anything... I usually just buy stuff off the internet and if I like it, great, if I don't, on to the next product or item. But I...


Hypnosis for Unlocking the Abundance Code


Dear Mr. Lordi, I am so enormously grateful for your call on Saturday, you have helped me very much to start thinking differently, in case I had the money I would come to see you in person this...


Hypnosis for Ultimate Relaxation


I live in the United States. I have purchased a dozen of Mr Lordi's CD's on-line and have been using them for quite a few months. I really love the soothing background music and the...

Dave Socorro

Hypnosis for Superconsciousness


Hey Giovanni just wanted to say a massive thank you, noticing radical changes after 2 days of listening to Limitless . Had a cool idea for a future recording based on Clark Kent with Red...


Hypnosis for Eating Healthy


I am a Type 2 diabetic and I just couldn't control my appetite. I wanted to eat ALL the time which as you can imagine wasn't very good for my diabetes control. After a week of listening...


Hypnosis for Writing


I have to say, I have only listened to it once, and already I feel a big block has shifted.. I have come up with several action steps to take and some writing goals to finish a big project that...


Hypnosis for Inner Peace


I just wanted to say thank you ....I was unfamiliar with my down load programs ...Thank you so much for taking the time to see me through this.. I will be back the product is great!! - Nico