Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Giovanni Lordi's Programs


Hypnosis for Learning a Foreign Language


Hi. Just wanted to tell you. That I have been listening to my current choice of your self hypnosis treatment programmes. They have been of tremendous help and I have recommended them to my friends. I find your voice extremely relaxing and identify with the language used. Anyway thank you. You have helped x C R


Positivity Affirmation & Subliminal Program


Another amazing series! You can even listen to this during the day! Love it!


Hypnosis for a Super You


This is my second review on this website. I finally decided to try the hypnosis CD's by Mr Lordi after hours of comparisons with other hypnosis mp3 downloads websites. What I realized was that a majority of other hypnosis CD's only have about 30 minute content and the price could be much higher. Also many of them simply use very similar introductions for all their CD's. But each of Mr Lordi's CD is unique. I also enjoyed his accent and voice. I tend to keep awake with thick American accent (I am from the US myself).
Regarding this CD, I have used it for weeks. The effect has been amazing. I have always felt pretty energetic and confident since I started to use it. I would definitely recommend this CD and many many others by Mr Lordi!

Mandi (From Amazon)

Hypnosis For Female Sexual Satisfaction


This is the first review that I've ever written for anything... I usually just buy stuff off the internet and if I like it, great, if I don't, on to the next product or item. But I absolutely had to write a review for this. I've never been able to orgasm during sex- EVER!!! without using vibrators- until I met my husband. In the 4 years we've been together, there were only 2 times that I can recall ever having an orgasm while being intimate with him. Our sex life was OK, but I needed more and was getting sick of having to stop to put the vibrator in place and what not. I thought I would give hypnosis a try and so I bought this recording. At first, I didn't think it was working. It takes about 3 weeks of regular listening, at least it did for me, and then BAM! I had an orgasm within 10 minutes of being intimate with my husband. I thought that maybe it was just a coincidence, but for the last 2 weeks, every time we have sex, whether I'm on top or he is, I have an orgasm! and the best part- each orgasm is stronger than the last! If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. This product has literally saved my sex life. I know it's the tape because I haven't changed a single thing in my life- not the exercise routine, not my eating habits, not the sexual positions, nothing. TRY THIS PRODUCT!!! I'm telling you, it works. Happy Orgasms Ladies!


Hypnosis for Unlocking the Abundance Code


Dear Mr. Lordi, I am so enormously grateful for your call on Saturday, you have helped me very much to start thinking differently, in case I had the money I would come to see you in person this week if I could find a flight and work intensively (even for just a couple of weeks) because I want-need to repeat to me what you told me cause I don't have any person close to me for this support.

I daily do what you told me focus to the future (the 3 questions and not ask whys) but I have my up-downs--nevertheless I feel somehow stronger and observe clearly my emotions-thoughts, also have strange anxious(hunting) dreams where things breaking up(mirrors,etc).

I hope I am on a good way on transforming my money issue and maybe more associated to it, I still have work to do and I am determined to do because I feel pretty drained/exausted and I want to change my life for the better starting from my finances. I look forward hearing from you, give my appreciation to Ryan, both have all the best blessings Helen.


Hypnosis for Ultimate Relaxation


I live in the United States. I have purchased a dozen of Mr Lordi's CD's on-line and have been using them for quite a few months. I really love the soothing background music and the voice. Each CD has a unique introductory part, which is quite uncommon among the hypnosis CD's on the market. Each topic of CD shows that the author has done in-depth research in the area. All my worries were forgotten after listening to the CD's. I would recommend these CD's to anyone who wishes to improve their mental well-being.

Dave Socorro

Hypnosis for Superconsciousness


Hey Giovanni just wanted to say a massive thank you, noticing radical changes after 2 days of listening to Limitless . Had a cool idea for a future recording based on Clark Kent with Red Kryptonite, to do with passion, desire and totally free of inhibitions Not sure how/where I can post a passionate testimonial or recommendation . Most people seem apathetic or skeptical, more content with status quo.


Hypnosis for Eating Healthy


I am a Type 2 diabetic and I just couldn't control my appetite. I wanted to eat ALL the time which as you can imagine wasn't very good for my diabetes control. After a week of listening to the CD my glucose levels were dropping and after two weeks I had to drop one of my tablets as my fasting levels were getting too low. Five weeks down the track I am maintaining good levels, have no trouble sticking to eating smaller meals and the occasional good snack between meals. And my diabetes is so much better controlled.


Hypnosis for Writing


I have to say, I have only listened to it once, and already I feel a big block has shifted.. I have come up with several action steps to take and some writing goals to finish a big project that had been commissioned a while back... now I know nothing is going to stop me from finishing it. I really am very grateful... I have listened to a few other writing hypnosis sessions, but this one has had an immediate effect, and I am over the moon. Thank you!!!


Hypnosis for Inner Peace


I just wanted to say thank you ....I was unfamiliar with my down load programs ...Thank you so much for taking the time to see me through this.. I will be back the product is great!! - Nico