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Girl with low self esteem

Self Belief - Is Society Putting Us Down on Purpose?

It seems like every second person I speak to these days simply does not believe in themselves or their own ability. I was thinking that maybe there was something going on in society causing this epidemic of low self belief...

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My Interview on Coast to Coast AM With George Noory September 2012

I was privileged to be a guest on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. I have been a long time listener of this program, particularly when George Noory is on.

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Upcoming Teleseminar - Awaken to Abundance

I have the privilege of speaking as part of the 'Awakening to Abundance' teleseminar series. starting on September 26th. Over the course of 6 weeks or so, there will be 19 other speakers, including myself who you can listen in to for free.

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App Updates & Feedback

Thank you very much for everyone's response to my hypnosis apps - it has been quite overwhelming. The guys at I-Mobilize have just done some updates now so it can be downloaded without having to update your Iphone software to the latest version. Plus there are another 20 new titles added to the Android app collection now too.