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Tribal drummers

The Rhythm of Life & Change

I was thinking this week about music, particularly the drums, and how it imitates life in many ways. Music can be happy, sad, fast, slow, structured, unstructured, in time and sometimes not in time - just as life can be all these too.

Mesmerist stroking

Mesmerism - What is It, How is It Used & My Experiences

http://www.marcoparet.comIn 2011 I had the fortune of being in the first group of Australian hypnotherapists to be personally trained by Dr Marco Paret in Mesmerism (Magnetista Esmirisus). Dr Marco is considered by many to be the finest exponent of Mesmerism in the world today.

Android logo

Mega Hypnosis App Now Released for Android

Today my hypnosis mega app just got released on the Android platform. Previously only available on ITunes, now you can access all of my hypnosis recordings in one app on the Android now.

Inception radio logo

Kevin Cook Radio Show - Hypnosis Interview

On the 30th of October I was interviewed by Kevin Cook, on his show for the Inception Radio Network. On this page is the audio from the interview that I put up on YouTube if you would like to have a listen.