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Giovanni's hypnosis recordings cover an extensive range of issues, conditions and personal development areas. They are the result of many years research, application and hard work. Each program has been professionally recorded and mastered to maintain the highest level of audio quality. Most importantly, every program has been designed for maximum effectiveness using advanced hypnosis & brainwave entrainment techniques. The unique combination of spoken voice, binaural beats and relaxing background music will help you reach sustained levels of deep trance. Best of all, this can all be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Enjoy...

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CD cover

Hypnosis for Accessing Your Higher Self

On special! You save: $5.00
Self belief cd cover

Hypnosis for Self Belief

Letting go cd cover

Hypnosis for Letting Go

Manifesting cd cover

Hypnosis for Manifesting Abundance

On special! You save: $5.00
Dreaming cd cover

Hypnosis For Advanced Dreaming

On special! You save: $5.00
Anxiety cd cover

Hypnosis for Anxiety

CD cover

Hypnosis for Self Acceptance

Astral travel cd cover

Hypnosis for Astral Travel (OBEs)

Self esteem cd cover

Hypnosis for Self Esteem

Persuasion cd cover

Hypnosis for Persuasion

CD cover

Better Relationships With Hypnosis 5 Pack

On special! You save: $10.00
Relaxation cd cover

Hypnosis for Ultimate Relaxation

Journeys cd cover

Journeys Beyond (5 Part Value Pack)

Procrastination cd cover

Hypnosis for Procrastination

On special! You save: $5.00
Sex drive cd cover

Hypnosis for Increased Sex Drive

Quit Smoking Affirmation & Subliminal Program

Metabolism cd cover

Hypnosis for A Faster Metabolism

Focus cd cover

Hypnosis for Focus & Concentration

Stress pack cd cover

Relaxation & Stress Relief (5 Part Value Pack)

Exercise cd cover

Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation

Happiness cd cover

Hypnosis for Happiness

Finding solutions cd cover

Finding Solutions (Power Hypnosis)

Tinnitus cd cover

Hypnosis for Tinnitus

CD cover

Self Esteem Booster Children's Meditation