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Person flying within a dream

Riddles of the Mind Part 5 - Dreams

Dreams are one of the main ways your subconscious tries to communicate with your conscious mind. Even though you may at times only have short glimpses of conscious recognition for your dreams, the insights they provide are invaluable.

Riddles of the Mind Part 4 - Mental Processing

It is believed that the average person has 60 000 - 80 000 thoughts a day! If this were true, it would mean that if you acted upon each of these thoughts, that you would literally have a nervous breakdown. Let me explain more...

Physical body diagram

Riddles of the Mind Part 3 - Physical Connection

Your physical body is like a storehouse for all your feelings, emotions, thoughts, experiences, and past reactions (internally and externally). It also functions as a type of elimination system.

Riddles of the Mind Part 2 - Emotions

Every emotion you experience has a greater purpose or role. The extent of this will depend on the extremity of the emotion or even the lack of the emotion. How you handle different emotions can take you down the right track or the wrong track in life