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Puzzle in mind

Riddles of the Mind Part 1 - The Subconscious

I believe the subconscious has 4 primary roles. These are self-preservation, protection, identity, and being the 'conductor' of time. The first 3 roles are relatively obvious, but you may be thinking what is this 4th role 'a conductor of time'? Let me explain...

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Actors & Drug Use - A Confusion Between Character & Reality?

In tragic circumstances today one of my favorite actors died - Philip Seymour Hoffman.Often I think about makes actors turn to drugs and worst still, suicide? What is actually going on within their mind?

Happy New Year & New Beginnings

With each new year always comes a sense of new beginnings. With each new year also comes the risk of repeating the same mistakes we made in previous years...

Jessy & Giovanni

Hypnosis for Kickboxing (K1) - Helping Jessy Win His First Fight

Last week my young mate Jessy won his first K1 Kickboxing fight - quite convincingly too - well done! For 4-5 weeks we were using hypnosis to help him prepare for the fight & enhance his mental approach in the ring.